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Thinking about studying beekeeping? The first step in your beekeeping journey may be to find a beginner beekeeping course, or if you are considering beekeeping as a career, you may want to find a beekeeping course.

Below is a map of Apiculture Training Providers in Australia. Find your location, and click on the pin drop to find out more information. Contact us to have a course listed and included on this map. Courses may change throughout the year depending on the training provider.

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The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney
Why not harvest your own honey? You can have a few hives and let the bees do most of the work for you.

Learn everything you need to know about bees, the equipment needed and how much honey you can expect. Discover how to make products from beeswax such as candles, soap and cosmetic creams.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

- identify the various methods of beekeeping
- select suitable bees, flora and beehive position
- note the regulations pertaining to beekeeping
- maintain a beehive successfully
- implement the procedure to harvest honey and render wax
- recognise pests and diseases affecting bees
- distinguish the various products made from honey and wax.



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